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Short Reads Decodables Grades k-2

Four Steps, One Framework

Four Steps One Framework diagram

The research is clear. Systematic, explicit, and cumulative phonics instruction is the most effective way to teach children how to read words. The science of how children learn to read may be complicated but implementing it in the classroom doesn’t have to be. Language Foundations, Short Reads Decodables, and Read To Know Text Sets are each built on an easy-to-use framework that breaks systematic instruction down into four simple steps: Teach, Practise, Apply, Assess.

Short Reads Decodables are less intimidating than full print books. Two-sided cards give students a more accessible and manageable format to confidently practise newly taught phonics skills. Short Reads Decodables features a variety of diverse and engaging texts, helping support representation and inclusive classrooms.

  • Alphabet knowledge, phonics, and word study
  • Grapheme-phoneme correspondence
  • Sound-spelling
  • Blending, building, sorting, and spelling
  • High-frequency words
  • Reading fluency
  • Vocabulary development
  • Language conventions

Short Reads Decodables Components

Double-sided Decodable Cards

Short texts empower children to apply their decoding skills while building foundation literacy.

  • 90 Student Cards (6 copies of each) designed for whole-class, small-group, and centre-based instruction
  • Every 5th Card provides a cumulative review

Teacher’s Guides

Explicit and systematic instructional support aligns to the foundational language curriculum. Each Short Reads lesson plan includes:

  • Genre and Summary
  • Phonics Focus
  • Decodable Words with Targeted Sound-Spelling
  • New High-Frequency Words
  • Phonemic Awareness and Sound-Spellings Review
  • Before Reading, First Reading, Second Reading, and After Reading support
  • Writing Extensions

Short Reads Decodables in Action

Short Reads Decodables in Action


Each Short Reads Card comes with a lesson that targets foundational skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, writing from dictation, vocabulary, and writing in response to reading.


Students read a text card in small groups and receive targeted practise in the phonics skill they’ve been working on in the previous module.


Students apply new learning through decoding texts, comprehension discussions, and writing prompts.


Teachers use assessment information gathered throughout Short Reads Decodables to monitor students’ cumulative progress and inform instruction.

Experts You Can Trust

To ensure Short Reads Decodables aligns with the latest literacy research, we’ve collaborated with some of the top minds in foundational literacy and phonics instruction.
photo of Wiley Blevins Wiley Blevins
photo of Dr. Anne Cunningham Dr. Anne Cunningham
photo of Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall Dr. Tanji Reed Marshall
photo of Linda Gutlohn Linda Gutlohn
photo of Jennette MacKenzie, MEd Jennette MacKenzie, MEd
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Digital Sampler

Explore the Components

View the NEW Digital Sampler to see an example of a double-sided Student Card, a Lesson Plan from the Teacher’s Guide, and assessment opportunities!

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Additional Support & Information

Program Brochure

Browse our comprehensive Brochure to learn more about Short Reads Decodables and how it can help you engage in phonics practice.

Title List

Explore the genres/text types and skills for all 90 decodable Cards.

Decodables Set Collections

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