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Sales Representatives

Scholastic Canada Sales & Marketing
604 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1E1
Toll Free Tel: 1-800-778-9665
Tel: 416-915-3500
Fax: 416-849-7911

Sr. National Account Manager, Indigo
Rachelle Lozon
C: 416-710-3914

Sales Representative, Indigo
Alexandra Georgelos
C: 647-214-0541

National Account Manager, Trade
Denise Koch
C: 416-215-4098

National Account Manager, Special Sales
Christina Winfield
C: 416-587-2081

National Account Manager,
Online, Digital, & Mass Market

C: 416-319-8127

National Account Manager, Mass Market, Online & Digital
Calyssa Erb
C: 647-302-6520

National Account Manager, Library & Educational Retail Accounts
Allie Chenoweth
C: 416-315-2203

Sales Representative, British Columbia, Yukon, N.W.T, Alberta
Ali Hewitt
T: 416-712-0351

Sales Representative, Eastern Ontario, Québec, Atlantic Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Cathy Robertson
Toll Free: 1-800-778-9665 Ext. 3061
T: 613-384-8674
C: 613-453-8934
Fax: 613-384-7943

Sales Representative, Toronto, Northern, Central and Western Ontario
Jennifer Hubbs
T: 416-915-3500 Ext. 3004
C: 647-881-7864

National Account Manager, French Division
Nathalie St-Gelais
T: 514-244-3927

National Account Manager, French Division
Gabrielle Girard-Lacasse
T: 416-915-3500 Ext. 3218

Sales Representative, French Division
Lise Goyette
T: 514-462-8800