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Take Action for Reconciliation Grades 3-8

Take Action Reconciliation Grades 3-8

Engage students in inquiry about Indigenous cultures, worldviews,
and history as we work towards reconciliation in Canada.

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*Please note that each article was reviewed and approved by the Advisory Team as well as reviewed by other Indigenous (and non-Indigenous) educators.

Take Action for Reconciliation is made up of four student magazine-style books that focus on Indigenous communities across Canada, the need for reconciliation, and the actions people are taking to make a difference. Through these examples, students will realize that they too can have an impact and work towards reconciliation.

Indigenous Advisory Team
We asked Indigenous educators across the country for advice and then brought together a team of 10 highly qualified and knowledgeable advisors to develop the resource. The advisors contributed articles, photographs, ideas, expertise, wisdom, and perspectives; they oversaw every aspect of the resource.

  • Cornelia Laliberte
  • April Waters
  • Marilyn Maychak
  • Diane Jubinville
  • Colinda Clyne
  • Pamala Agawa
  • Jaime Battiste
  • Lowa Beebe
  • Fibbie Tatti
  • Brad Baker

Each Student Book includes:

  • Indigenous voices and perspectives throughout
  • Contemporary stories and historical truths
  • Examples of actions people have taken to promote reconciliation
  • Quotes by Indigenous leaders and Elders highlighting ideas and/or issues
  • Think About It! section to prompt further inquiry and help students connect to their own lives
  • Learn About It! section offering additional facts and information or questions for students to research
  • Final Project: a call to take action, share your learning, taking a step in reconciliation

The magazine-style format books are highly visual, and feature:

  • A variety of text forms such as infographics, articles, profiles, comics, interviews, and descriptions; as well as non-fiction features such as photos, captions,maps and labels

Excerpt from Time for a Change student book
 Enlarge Excerpt from Time for a Change student book 
Excerpt from Path to Wellness student book
 Enlarge Excerpt from Path to Wellness student book 

Teacher's Resource:
Each title in the series (16-pack, 26-pack, or digital edition) includes an 80-page
teacher's guide that breaks down student material spread by spread.

Teachers Resource

Getting Started section with:

  • Background information on preparing to teach the unit
  • Questions to ask yourself about the topic, social/political contexts, cultural perspectives, and your students
  • Ways to introduce the unit and the inquiry question (e.g., what makes communities strong?)
  • Assessment ideas and learning outcomes
Time for a Change TG excerpt
 Enlarge Time for a Change Teacher's Guide excerpt 
Path to Wellness TG excerpt
 Enlarge Path to Wellness Teacher's Guide excerpt 

Lesson Plans for each selection in the student book with:

  • Background information about the selection, e.g., the history, perspectives, and culture
  • Prompts for connecting to the final project at various points in the unit
  • A list of recommended multi-media resources (videos, websites, books)
  • A summary of the selection, indication of level of reading difficulty, and vocabulary
  • Questions for before reading to prompt students to build or reflect on background knowledge
  • Questions to deconstruct the text on the page and reconstruct meaning
  • Cross-curricular suggestions to extend conceptual learning and understanding
  • Questions for further inquiry and going deeper into the topic or selection
  • Pronunciation Guide at the back of the guide
  • Additional Teaching Supports will also be available on the Take Action for Reconciliation website, including
    assessment and links to recommended resources (websites, maps, books, videos)
Sharing the message for Truth and Reconciliation
Also Available in French!

Scholastic Education Canada donates a portion of the proceeds from Take Action for Reconciliation to Indigenous Voices, established in 2017 to support and nurture the work of Indigenous writers in lands claimed by Canada. The Indigenous Voices Awards aim to support Indigenous literary production in its diversity and complexity. The awards honour the sovereignty of Indigenous creative voices. For more information, please visit; https://indigenousvoicesawards.org/about-the-awards.

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