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Inspire students to take action through real-world inquiries!

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The Take Action series is made up of 12 student magazine-style books (32-pages each), online anchor videos on each topic, and a companion Teacher's Guide.

Titles and topics focus on: Ethical Citizenship, Social Justice, Sustainability, and Our Canadian Society!

  • Activist Art Activist Art
    How do we use art to make the world a better place?
  • Community Cares Community Cares
    How can we build strong communities?
  • Earth Action Earth Action
    How can we make better choices to help the Earth?
  • The Media Effect The Media Effect
    Why should you question the media?
  • School for All School for All
    How can education change lives?
  • Lead the Way Lead the Way
    How can you be a good leader?
  • Every Drop Counts Every Drop Counts
    Why should we care about water?
  • Your Mind Matters Your Mind Matters
    Why is talking about mental health important?
  • The Best Buy The Best Buy
    Who really pays when we buy?
  • In Our Hands In Our Hands
    How can we be active global citizens?
  • Are You Hungry? Are You Hungry?
    What will it take to feed the world?
  • Animal Relations Animal Relations
    What is our responsibility to animals?

Key features:

  • Built on inquiry and project-based learning
  • Social justice action initiative for each topic
  • Cross-curricular connections to literacy, social studies, science, arts, health, math, and citizenship
  • Teaching support with strategies for deep comprehension, critical thinking, and inquiry-based learning
  • A website for each title with anchor videos and additional supports

An excerpt from Your mind matters

Teaching support included in every spread for all 12 titles
with the same elements, so you can help students understand
and go deeper into each topic.

  • Minds on Reflection (Before Reading):
    Questions that allow students to reflect on their own background knowledge.
  • Interdisciplinary Connections:
    Each selection has interdisciplinary suggestions and questions to extend conceptual learning and understanding.
  • Links to Inquiry Question:
    Prompts to help students reflect on the inquiry question and revise their thinking.
  • Taking Action:
    This section provides information about individuals, groups, or organizations taking action and questions about the different issues.
  • Think About It!:
    Contains additional facts or questions for the reader to explore.
  • Further Inquiry:
    This section examines concepts/themes within the selections and suggests possible topics for further inquiry.
Take Action

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