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New! Online Math Resource

Intro to Prime Mathematics.

  • Develops metacognition & mathematical thinking
  • Incorporates professional learning with over 1,100 demo videos
  • Teaches via problem solving
  • Includes student assessment
  • Aligns with Canadian provincial curricula!

Proven Pedagogy

Problem solving is central

Problem solving is regarded not only as a goal of learning mathematics but also as a major tool of doing so, and should focus on the process and the method of solving problems so that students learn to use different strategies to arrive at reasonable conclusions and approach the process of solving a problem with confidence.

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach

The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach enables students to make connections between principles and symbols through concrete activities and visual representation, ensuring deep and long-lasting conceptual understanding.

Development of metacognition and mathematical thinking

Thinking mathematically is a conscious habit and should be developed through consistent use in many contexts.

The process of learning mathematics

Learning to mastery involves a focus on concept development and understanding mathematical relationships, and learning to inquire,communicate, reason, conceptualize, formulate and solve mathematical problems, appreciate the beauty of mathematics and apply mathematics in different contexts.

Consistent formative assessment

Teachers assess individual students’ mathematical progress through informal means such as careful observations or questions. Assessment is a routine part of the on-going classroom activity, rather than a test at the end of instruction to see how students perform under special circumstances.

Scholastic PR1ME Teacher Hub

Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics empowers students and teachers with a range of comprehensive program components which include:

Online Teacher Hub

  • Lessons model language and pedagogy through sequential scaffolding and deep-dives into math concepts
  • Lesson Notes included
  • Over 1,100 Practical PD Videos
  • Student resources extend thinking and assess math learning
A screenshot of the Teacher Hub showing the different tools available.

Prepare for lessons with easy access to overviews, notes, and more.

A screenshot of the Teacher Hub showing the different tools available.

Lesson notes provide helpful insights and student guidance.

Teacher Demo Videos

Over 1,100 Teacher videos! Each video includes 'think alouds' that model the Scholastic PR1ME pedagogy for the concept being taught.

Scholastic PR1ME Student Hub

Scholastic PR1ME Student HUB Grades 1-6 includes two eBooks for each grade. The online student books focus on core lessons tied to curriculum and extension lessons that scaffold for deeper understandings.


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