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Sort Out Your Syllablese - Grades 4-8

A strategy-based resource for teaching decoding, pronouncing, and spelling multisyllabic words.

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Sort Out Your Syllables provides a plan for reading and writing multisyllabic words that are unfamiliar in print form, is a consistent approach to finding syllables in words, and avoids the need to use complex syllabification rules. It supports decoding by allowing students to get as close as possible to the correct pronunciation when reading unfamiliar words and supports spelling by helping students learn the different vowel spelling patterns and the most appropriate ones to use.

“This book teaches simple strategies that get around the complex and often confusing syllabification rules that many students simply cannot use. It provides teachers with an opportunity to make a real difference to students who say, “I can’t read (or write) that word – it’s too long!”

-Professor John Hattie

Each Sort Out Your Syllables Kit Includes:

Sample of Teacher's Guide

Teacher’s Resource Book
(122 pages)

The cornerstone of Sort Out Your Syllables is the Teacher’s Resource Book. It includes 50 carefully sequenced 10-minute lessons that teach students to:

  • Hear and recognize syllables
  • Recognize vowel spelling patterns
  • Pronounce vowel spelling patterns in different ways
  • Apply a four-step strategy for dividing and decoding unfamiliar multisyllabic words
Sample of Vowel Spelling Pattern Cards and Labels

Vowel Spelling Pattern Cards and Labels
(downloadable and printable)

9 Label cards illustrate the nine types of vowel spelling patterns, and 60 Spelling Pattern cards provide examples of different ways these types of patterns are written in words.

Sample of Student Practice Activities Books

Student Practice Activities Books
(set of 10 books, 36 pages)
These activities provide students with practice:

  • Identifying the nine different types of vowel spelling patterns and creating lists of words that contain them
    • Understanding, pronouncing, and recognizing different syllable patterns and creating lists of words that contain them, including:
    • Single vowel letters in open and closed syllables
    • Vowel digraphs, trigraphs and quadgraphs (vowel_e, vowel teams and r-controlled vowels)
    • The final stable syllable ending le
    • The schwa vowel sound and spelling patterns
Sample of Student Guide

English Vowel Spelling Patterns Poster

The poster-size Wall Chart illustrates the nine types of vowel spelling patterns and sixty examples of patterns that represent them. It provides students with a comprehensive reference point for recalling these patterns along with examples of words that contain them.

Sample of Companion Website

Companion Website

    • Assessment opportunities
    • Practice Activities (The Nine Types of Vowel Spelling Patterns, Pronouncing Vowel Spelling Patterns, and Dividing Words Into Syllables)
    • Digital References (key strategies and summaries of what students have learned)
    • Vowel Spelling Pattern Cards and Labels
    • English Vowel Spelling Patterns Black Line Masters

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