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Scholastic Phonics School & Home Grade k-2

Systematic decodable books for early readers!

New Phonics+

Strengthen your students’ reading and oral language skills with Phonics+! This online edition includes:

  • Complete set of all 52 decodable books for K-2 from Scholastic Phonics School and Home

  • Scholastic Phonics School and Home Progression Chart

  • Professional Development support and video series

  • Online edition of Phonics from A to Z by Wiley Belvins

  • Downloadable/printable assessment activities

  • Phonics School & Home Sets

    There are 13 sets of books, each set structured to help students’ practice, apply, and build decoding skills.

    Set 13 Covers

    Book Samples

    Get a sneak peek of books in the series.

    Phonics School & Home Set Collections

    Complete Library Pack 52 Titles - 1 copy each
    Collection 1 (Sets 1-4) 16 Titles - 4 copies each
    Collection 2 (Sets 5-8) 16 Titles - 4 copies each
    Collection 3 (Sets 9-13) 20 Titles - 4 copies each
    Collection Pack (Sets 1-13) 52 Titles - 4 copies each

    Please note: individual sets not sold separately.

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