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Dear Canada: A step back in time


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Perry Nodelman

Perry Nodelman's young adult novels are the fantasy The Same Place but Different, its sequel A Completely Different Place, and the high school comedy Behaving Bradley. In collaboration with Carol Matas, he wrote the four young adult fantasies in the Minds series. Carol and Perry's latest trilogy, The Ghosthunters books, includes The Proof that Ghosts Exist, The Curse of the Evening Eye and The Hunt for the Haunted Elephant. Perry is also the author of a hundred or so articles in scholarly journals on various aspects of children's literature, and three books on the subject: Words About Pictures: The Narrative Art of Children's Picture Books; the college textbook The Pleasures of Children's Literature, the third edition of which was written in collaboration with Mavis Reimer; and The Hidden Adult: Defining Children's Literatures.

Perry lives in Winnipeg and is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Winnipeg.

Dear Canada books by Perry Nodelman:

  • Not a Nickel to Spare


The Dear Canada series is ten years old — old enough now not just to have introduced a lot of readers to a lot of history, but also to be a part of history itself. Any day now we can expect a new Dear Canada about a young girl who gets a summer job at Scholastic and is there as the series begins and begins to make history.