Dear Readers,

Did you know that Dear Canada is venturing into the digital age? You may have seen that the last two Dear Canada books, That Fatal Night and Torn Apart, were released as ebooks a few months ago. This September, Norah McClintock's A Sea of Sorrows releases simultaneously in print and ebook, and a number of the backlist titles will also become available as ebooks. We aim to have all the titles in the series released as ebooks by August 2013.

I know that many of you, myself included, love the weight of the hardcover edition, the feel of the paper with its ridged edges, and the ribbon to mark my place. Our ebook editions will allow the books to travel farther and faster than we ever could have imagined, allowing more readers around the world to meet our Dear Canada girls and share in their incredible experiences.

Sandra Bogart Johnston
Editor, Dear Canada Series

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