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Tom Gates


(Which means explanations for stuff that might sound a bit ODD.)

  • 5p and 10p

    5p and 10p are British coins.

  • A4 Paper

    It's a paper size (BIGGER) than letter size 8 1/2" by 11").

  • Ace

    When something is GREAT or BRILLIANT.

  • Aerial


  • Bike Shed

    Covered area at school where bikes are kept safely.

  • Bins

    Trash cans.

  • Bin Liner

    A bin liner is a garbage bag.

  • Biscuits


  • Bodge

    When I make a mess of something or it gets ruined (like this picture is BODGED now).

  • Bonkers

    Crazy nuts!

  • Boot

    Trunk of a car.

  • Boot Sale

    Like a garage sale.

  • Caramel Wafers

    Excellent biscuits (cookies) covered in chocolate with layers of caramel and wafer inside.

  • Charity Shop

    A place that sells second-hand goods for charity.

  • Chips

    French fries.

  • Choc

    Short for chocolate.

  • Chocolate HobNobs

    A brand name for a cookie that is half covered in chocolate - delicious.

  • Choon

    Excellent tune.

  • Climbing Frame

    Jungle gym.

  • Coach


  • College

    College is the second half of high school.

  • Crisps


  • Cross


  • Daft


  • Diddums

    A silly 'babyish' word Tom would use to ANNOY Delia. Like this. "Can't find your sunglasses... awww, Diddums."

  • Disco

    School dance.

  • Dodgy

    Something that's a bit ODD or wrong. Maybe slightly peculiar or not quite right. For instance: That apple looks a bit Dodgy. That monster looks a bit dodgy.

  • Dullo

    Not very interesting person.

  • E-Numbers

    Additives put into some foods are called e-numbers.

  • Earwigging

    Means eavesdropping.

  • Fizzy Drinks

    Pop or soda.

  • Fizzy Sherbet

    A fizzy powder treat.

  • A flannel

    is a washcloth.

  • A flat

    is an apartment.

  • Football

    Another word for soccer.

  • Form Teacher

    Homeroom teacher.

  • Fruit Chews

    Candy (a bit like Starburst).

  • Garden


  • Grotty

    Means shabby or unpleasant.

  • Half-term

    A one-week break from school.

  • The Hall

    The lunchroom.

  • Headmaster

    A principal.

  • Jolly

    Happy. Yeah!

  • Jumper

    A sweater.

  • Lads


  • Leg it

    Run away.

  • Lessons

    The same as classes.

  • Lolly

    lollipop (both yum).

  • Loo Rolls

    The same as toilet paper rolls.

  • Lorry

    A truck.

  • Lurgy

    An imaginary (or real) DISEASE. Something NASTY you can catch or give to another person.

  • Mad

    Another word for crazy..

  • Manky

    Means disgusting or revolting. For instance, a mint that rolled on the floor is manky. So is Rooster's fur.

  • Mate


  • Merits

    Special points or stars awarded by your teacher for excellent work.

  • Mince

    The same as ground meat.

  • Nippy


  • Pants


  • Pinching

    Another word for stealing.

  • Plaster

    Another word for bandage.

  • If you're not best pleased...

    It means you're not pleased.

  • Pong


  • Pongy pudding

    is a smelly dessert.

  • Pants


  • Pound £

    What we call the MONEY (or currency) in Britain.

  • Pudding

    Dessert (all kinds - yum).

  • Queue


  • Rank

    Unpleasant or GROSS (like Dad's running shoes).

  • Register

    The attendance book that the teacher would tick you off in, in the morning, to make sure you're not LATE.

  • Registration


  • Rosette Ribbon

    First place.

  • Rubbish


  • Rumbled

    Basically means you're busted!

  • Saddo

    A pathetic person.

  • School Dinners

    Lunch in school (not always that nice).

  • Skittles

    A game similar to bowling.

  • Sledging

    The same as sledding.

  • Spanners


  • Splodges

    Drips of paint OR something.

  • Sports Kit

    Sports uniform.

  • Spots


  • Spotty


  • Squash

    A fruit flavoured drink. There are different flavours, like orange squash or blackcurrant squash.

  • Stone

    A pit, like the kind you find in a peach or a plum

  • Sweets


  • Swimming Kit

    A swimming kit is all the stuff you need for a swimming lesson.

  • Swing Ball


  • Tannoy System

    PA System.

  • Telly

    Another (shorter) word for TELEVISION.

  • Thick

    When I say "You're THICK," it means you're a bit DUMB.

  • Torch


  • Trainers


  • Treat

    When I say "My trick worked a TREAT!" It means that it worked REALLY WELL.

  • Trolley

    Shopping cart.

  • Trousers

    Another word for PANTS. Guess what? In Britain, pants means...well...underwear!

  • Tuck in

    Means you eat up!

  • Vest


  • Water Pot

    Cup of water.

  • Wellington Boots

    Rain boots.

  • Winding Up

    Another way of saying you're teasing someone. Continuing to slightly irritate them. Bit like Tom does to Delia..

  • Whinging

    is like complaining in a really annoying way.

  • Year Five or Year Six

    The same as fifth or sixth grade.

Illustrations from Tom Gates series, copyright © 2014 L Pichon. All rights reserved.