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SeriesI Survived True Stories
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Tornado Terror (I Survived True Stories #3)

Part of series: I Survived True Stories
Categories: Non-fiction
Hardcover  Ebook  
ISBN: 9780545919432 Pages: 176 Ages: 7-10 Dimensions: 5.73" x 8.29"

About this book

The Tri-State Tornado of 1925 was the deadliest tornado strike in American history, tearing through three states and killing 700 people. Almost a century later, the Joplin Tornado was a mile-wide monster that nearly destroyed the
heart of a vibrant city. The author of the New York Times best-selling I Survived series now brings you the vivid and true stories of two young people who survived these terrifying twisters, along with fascinating facts about
tornadoes and profiles of the well-respected scientists and storm chasers who study them.


Praise for I Survived True Stories: Five Epic Disasters:

"The narratives are factual yet still lively and suspenseful enough to hook readers. Ideal for a high-interest pick or a read-aloud for older students." -- School Library Journal

Praise for I Survived True Stories: Tornado Terror!:

"This high-interest addition to an already beloved series is a no-brainer for elementary school libraries." -- School Library Journal

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