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I Will Follow 12+

ISBN: 9781339002880 Pages: 272 Ages: 12 and up

About this book

The first time Nora saw one of Shea's videos on TikTok, something just clicked. You know how you can see someone and know you're supposed to be in each other’s lives? Well, that's how Nora felt. She knows Shea is a big star, with nearly a million followers, and Nora isn't. But, really, all Nora needs is her own viral moment. And who better to help her with that than Shea

If life isn't going to give Nora entry into Shea's world, Nora's going to have to take matters into her own hands.

Meeting Shea.

Kidnapping her.

Holding her hostage until Shea finally understands...

They are meant to be best, best friends.


Praise for Creep:

"Fans of adolescent mysteries with a more domestic slant won't be disappointed." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"The creepy house moments land well." -- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for The Believing Game:

"Corrigan serves up a psychologically complex and devastatingly credible tale of exploitation and betrayal among a particularly vulnerable set of teens." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"A resolute and satisfying ending. Ultimately, this is a novel for mature teens who will appreciate the subtle nuances of manipulation." -- School Library Journal

Praise for Accomplice:

* "Corrigan delivers an addictive cautionary tale in this twisted unraveling of mean girl machinations... haunting and provocative." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Complex, heart-wrenchingly plausible...the story flows from secrets to lies, from a few harsh words to terrible accusations, and from supreme innocence to soul-sucking guilt . . . This tension-filled story will entice readers." -- Booklist

"A dark page-turner with a satisfying resolution." -- Kirkus Reviews

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