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SeriesI Survived True Stories
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Courageous Creatures (I Survived True Stories #4)

Part of series: I Survived True Stories
Paperback  Ebook  Hardcover  
ISBN: 9781338770278 Pages: 176 Ages: 7-10 Dimensions: 5.818" x 8.316"

About this book

ANIMALS. SURVIVORS. HEROES. The author of the New York Times bestselling I Survived series shares four thrilling true stories of animals who have faced disaster—and come through. You’ll meet courageous animals and also inspiring humans who show how we can help protect the creatures who share our precious Earth.

Includes real-life stories about:

  • The pigeon hero of World War I

  • Two captured dolphins and the hero who helped them return to the sea

  • 20,000 penguins saved from an oil spill disaster

  • Two orphaned cheetahs and their unlikely new dad

This fourth book in the I Survived True Stories series is perfect for fans of the I Survived novels or anyone who loves stories about animals beating the odds. It's a great choice for reading alongside I Survived the Battle of D-Day, 1944, which features a carrier pigeon character.


Praise for Five Epic Disasters (I Survived True Stories #1):

"The narratives are factual yet still lively and suspenseful enough to hook readers. Ideal for a high-interest pick or a read-aloud for older students." -- School Library Journal

Praise for Tornado Terror! (I Survived True Stories #3):

"This high-interest addition to an already beloved series is a no-brainer for elementary school libraries." -- School Library Journal

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