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Banished from Our Home

Banished from Our Home
The Acadian Diary of Angélique Richard

By Sharon Stewart

ISBN: 978-0-439-97421-9 Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4431-2809-4 Ebook
208 pages | Ages 9-12 | 5 3/8" x 7 5/8"

Angélique Richard's life is turned upside down when she and her family, along with the people of Grand-Pré, are forced by the British to leave their peaceful home in Acadia. Will she ever see her home again?

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From Angélique's diary:

Le 10 octobre 1755
À bord du Leynord

Below the hill, I could see the mouth of the river all jammed with ships. Longboats scuttled like water beetles between them and the shore — longboats loaded with people!

A party of soldiers came tramping along. One pointed his musket at me and said I must hurry or be shot. I suppose he did not mean it, for the others laughed as I took to my heels. At last I caught up with a crowd moving slowly down to the beach. The road was choked with two-wheeled carts piled high with household goods. On some, ailing grandparents rode. Women, many carrying their babies, struggled to pull them along. Everyone, even the tiniest children, carried bundles on their backs. Babies wailed, and a low moan rose up from the people, the sound of weeping and praying.

I wormed my way through the crowd, stopping my ears when people begged my help. I felt wicked, but I had to find my family! At last I reached the shore, which was jammed with people and carts and baggage. As longboats came aground, soldiers forced people aboard them at musket point. They went, weeping, leaving most of their belongings behind. Worse, far worse, than the weeping was the screaming when those who were together were forced aboard different boats.

I swear I will never forget these sights, these sounds, until I am cold in my grave. My hand cramps and my heart is sick with sorrow. I can write no more.

From Dear Canada: Banished from Our Home, copyright © 2004 by Sharon Stewart.


I love these books they're so good.
Hermione, Rating: 10

This book was amazing! The author made Angelique seem real, and each and every character has its own personality.
I hope I get to read more from Dear Canada.
Becca H., Age 14, Manitoba, Rating: 9

I thought that this book is the best one of the Dear Canada books I have read. I really liked the part about her finding her family because of her sister, which at the beginning she hated.
Jessica H., Age 10, Alberta, Rating: 8

I loved it, but half the time once I finished I found myself crying! I have some Acadian heritage myself and I just couldn't believe that people could have been so mean to some people in my family!
Morgan L., Age 10, Rating: 10

I love this whole series and was not let down by this story! Absolutely fantastic! I just love learning from reading, and then knowing it already in class! A must read.
Emily O., Age 14, Ontario, Rating: 9

This is a great book. I live in Calgary, AB, and it is kind of cool to read about girls from different times, places, and different stories from their own point of view. I like this particular book because it is fun to learn new words from a different language. You keep writing, I'll keep reading.
Ainsley S., Age: 9, Alberta, Rating: 9

This book? Fantastic! It was very touching how they managed to survive and try to travel to their homeland!
Annabel W., Age: 10, Rating: 10