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Dear Canada: A step back in time


Flame and Ashes

A Time for Giving
Ten Tales of Christmas

By various authors

ISBN: 9781443133739 Paperback
ISBN: 9781443133746 Ebook
216 pages | Ages 9-12 | 5 1⁄4" x 7 5/8"

Ten heartwarming stories of Christmas past.

Rosie gives a surprising gift to someone who least expects it... Johanna is able to make Christmas dinner a feast to remember... Abby take a pas sadness and turns it into something new and special... Christmas is truly a time for giving.

Find new friends and reconnect with old ones in these delightful stories by some of Canada’s best writers!

Table of Contents

"The Angel of Citadel Hill" by Sarah Ellis, featuring Dorothy Wilton from That Fatal Night.

"The Real Blessings" by Jean Little, featuring Abby Roberts from All Fall Down.

"Dear Sachi" by Susan Aihoshi, featuring Mary Kobayashi from Torn Apart.

"A Candle for Christmas" featuring Rosie Dunn from A Country of Own Own.

"The Rescuers" by Jean Little featuring Jane Browning from Exiles From the War.

"The Light and the Dark" by Carol Matas, featuring Rose Rabinowitz from Pieces of the Past.

"Winter with Grandma" by Ruby Slipperjack, featuring Violet Pesheens from These Are My Words (coming Fall 2016).

"Raffle Mania" by Janet McNaughton, featuring Triffie Winsor from Flame and Ashes.

"Snowflakes for Christmas" by Barbara Haworth-Attard featuring Noreen Robertson from To Stand On My Own.

"A Proper Christmas Feast" by Norah McClintock featuring Johanna Leary from A Sea of Sorrows.

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