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Watch Out Below!: 3-D Battle of the Sharks

By Lisa Regan   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545829571 Hardcover
48 Pages | 8.73" x 11.29" | Ages 6 to 9

See your favourite underwater predators like you've never seen them before: in 3-D!

Kids will love this new book that will let them get up close and personal with the coolest underwater predators. Sharks are one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating creatures. There are around 400 species. Kids can learn all about different species of sharks — where they live, what they eat, how big they are, how many teeth they have, and much more. Find out about the world’s scariest and safest sharks in the Top Ten Shark to Shark Encounters. See a great white shark go up against a whale shark.

Read about a hammerhead shark versus a goblin shark. Who would win — a mako shark or a megamouth shark? There is an awesome lenticular on the cover. Plus, all of the pictures in this book are in 3-D. The book comes with a pair of 3-D glasses to see the sharks swim off the page!