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Stress Less: Tips and Tools to Help You Chill Canadian Title

By Helaine Becker   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443148702 Paperback
96 Pages | 5.26" x 7.62" | Ages 8 to 13

More tips and tools for the anti-stress tool kit!

When you feel yourself spinning into hyperspeed, take a moment to consciously slow down your mind and body. Take a deep breath and hold it. Then let it out with a sigh.

Do you ever feel like you've got a lot going on? School, homework, music lessons, sports teams — it never seems to end! Add to that your relationships with family, friends and teachers, and sometimes you end up with a bundle of stress.

Stress is unavoidable — and we all experience it once in a while. Flip through the pages of this book and try the easy tips to help you cope during those difficult times. From controlling your breathing to moving your body to practising gratitude, there are lots of things you can do every day to help you chill.