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Stolen Justice: The Struggle for African American Voting Rights (Scholastic Focus) 12+

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Power of Story: Racialized Identities
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ISBN: 9781338323481 Pages: 288 Ages: 12 and up
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Following the Civil War, the Reconstruction era raised a new question to those in power in the US: Should African Americans, so many of them former slaves, be granted the right to vote?

In a bitter partisan fight over the legislature and Constitution, the answer eventually became yes, though only after two constitutional amendments, two Reconstruction Acts, two Civil Rights Acts, three Enforcement Acts, the impeachment of a president, and an army of occupation. Yet, even that was not enough to ensure that African American voices would be heard, or their lives protected. White supremacists loudly and intentionally prevented black Americans from voting -- and they were willing to kill to do so.

In this vivid portrait of the systematic suppression of the African American vote for young adults, critically acclaimed author Lawrence Goldstone traces the injustices of the post-Reconstruction era through the eyes of incredible individuals, both heroic and barbaric, and examines the legal cases that made the Supreme Court a partner of white supremacists in the rise of Jim Crow. Though this is a story of America's past, Goldstone brilliantly draws direct links to today's creeping threats to suffrage in this important and, alas, timely book.


Praise for Unpunished Murder:

A Booklist Youth Editors' Choice selection

* "A gripping story and a well-informed perspective on American history. Spotlighting an event seldom discussed in books for young people, Goldstone provides a complex, useful historical context for understanding issues surrounding race and justice." -- Booklist, starred review

* "The book is, in large part, the story of how racism evolves, persisting in laws and politics despite major social advances." -- The Horn Book, starred review

"This book shines a light on a shameful sea change moment in U.S. history... Difficult and necessary." -- Kirkus Reviews

"This is a unique look at not only the massacre in question, but also at the history and workings of the Supreme Court of the United States... This work shows a more complete history of the Reconstruction era and the way the highest levels of government were affected by a country trying to heal and make amends." -- School Library Connection

Praise for Higher, Steeper, Faster:

* "For those who love history, aviation, or stories of great daring, this is pure pleasure." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* "Readers will breathlessly follow the race to conquer the sky." -- School Library Connection, starred review

* "Goldstone deftly combines captivating descriptions of the personalities -- male and female -- with discussion of the many improvements and ever-present hazards of early flying." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"This look at the early days of the industry highlights the thrill and awe of a watching public as well as the fact that the sky was no longer any sort of boundary." -- Booklist

"Armchair thrillseekers will settle in and read this one straight through." -- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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