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Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin (Original Graphic Novel)

By Nadia Shammas, Illustrated by Nabi H. Ali
Ebook  Paperback  
ISBN: 9781338722581 Pages: 128 Ages: 8-12
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About this book

Kamala Khan (a.k.a Ms. Marvel) is stretched too thin-literally. She's having a hard time balancing schoolwork with being a good friend, being there for her family, becoming the best fanfic writer this side of the Hudson River ... and, you know, becoming a Super Hero. She's tired and just barely keeping control, BUT she's handling it. Totally.

But when a mysterious robot tries to infiltrate Avengers Tower, it'll be up to Ms. Marvel to (again, literally) pull herself together, learn to ask for help, and fix the mess she's made before anyone gets hurt!


Praise for Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin

Stretched Thin is a moving work for younger readers. The book’s action rarely bleeds from panel to panel, and the paneling itself mostly eschews grids to focus on fluid pacing . . . a wondrous book. -- The Av Club, “A” Review

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