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Lost Treasures

Categories: Adventure, Non-fiction
ISBN: 9780439957397 Pages: 192 Ages: 9-12 Dimensions: 5.84" x 8.99"

About this book

True stories of people who found sunken Spanish ships...a seven-million dollar painting...the largest T-Rex bones ever discovered...and more! Who hasn't dreamed of searching for something valuable or rare that has been lost, abandoned, forgotten or simply overlooked by others? From pirate booty and exotic coins to missing silver mines and lost cities, the allure of finding lost treasure is very real. Fame, fortune or - at the very least - the thrill of adventure, await the treasure hunter. Readers find out what amazing treasure lies waiting to be discovered, and some which have already been found...sometimes right under their noses.


Award Winner, McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award - Older Category 2007

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