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Shooting Stars (Hockey Super Six)

Part of series: Hockey Super Six
ISBN: 9781443182959 Pages: 176 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.886" x 7.491"

About this book

Meet six kids a lot like you. Except . . .

. . . Benny, Jenny, Karl, Starlight, DJ and Mo got zapped in an evil plot gone wrong — and became the super-est team the world has ever seen.

Lucky thing, because they have to face off against enormous, multi-appendaged, hockey-playing tardigrades IN SPACE! Turns out the last of the Sizematrons was not destroyed in the Six-versus-evil-bunny saga of Hat Tricked. And now very enhanced giant tardigrades working for astronaut-turned-evil-scientist Richard threaten the world with an asteroid that would end it all. Can the Super Six use their hockey superpowers to thwart the baddies? Find out in this fourth action-packed, laugh-a-minute book in the Hockey Super Six series.

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