Photo of Ash Climbs the Ranks (Pokémon: World Championship Trilogy #1)

Ash Climbs the Ranks (Pokémon: World Championship Trilogy #1)

ISBN: 9781338670851 Pages: 144 Ages: 7-10 Dimensions: 5.265" x 7.581"

About this book

The first installment in a trilogy that follows Ash in his final quest to be crowned world champion! Join Ash and his Pokémon as they are introduced to the World Coronation Series and begin to battle their way up through the ranks of the tournament. He makes friends and encounters Gym Leaders and powerful Pokémon Trainers, each bringing him one step closer to his goal of victory. As Ash faces some epic battles and his first defeat of the tournament, can he keep forging ahead to ultimately win it all?

Based on a thrilling storyline from the top-rated Netflix animated series, with black-and-white illustrations throughout.

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