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A Struggle for Hope

Categories: Fiction, History
Ebook  Paperback  
ISBN: 9781443133432 Pages: 192 Ages: 9-12 Dimensions: 5.000" x 7.750"

About this book

Ruth survived the Holocaust and the long journey to Palestine. Now she finds herself once again in a war zone as Israel battles for its existence. Her brother is on the front lines. Ruth and her boyfriend are injured and cannot fight, so they care for children in a hospital. Ruth tells the children stories to distract them and help them make sense of their situation. As she recovers, she too must return to the fight.

A trauma forces her back to another time when she told stories: to her fellow prisoners in Auschwitz. We discover what Ruth went through in the camps, the horrors she saw, the friends she made and lost. Through it all Ruth comes to understand that she must find a new way to live, a way that does not give up on hope.


Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre 2022

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