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Dear Canada: A step back in time



Fun projects for every occasion!
Pick an activity from the list below and discover crafts from our past.

  • Braided Mat - From the rag bag in every pioneer home came scraps of cloth that were re-used for many purposes, including rag rugs. You can make your own braided mats from old t-shirts! Make them in different sizes to use as a coaster for a teapot or a coffee mug, or to decorate a dollhouse.
  • Candles - Here's how you can make your own light!
  • Candle Holder - Create a cheerful light using fancy-coloured paper, a sweet smelling votive candle and an old jelly jar. It's just the thing to brighten up a rainy day.
  • Collage Your Journal - Some recommendations for personalizing your diary or journal.
  • Make Your Own Berry Ink - Make your own ink to write in your journal!
  • Monogrammed Napkin - Embroidering initials on one's belongings was an attractive way to mark them as one's own. You can embroider a cloth napkin with a friend's initial. It can be tucked into a lunchbox or used at the table.
  • Pincushion - Little pincushions made of the bright scraps of fabric were often the perfect homemade gift for family or friends. Make one of your own to keep your pins handy!
  • Pomander Ball - Lemons, oranges and apples studded with cloves brought sunny colours and sweet, spicy scents into pioneer homes at Christmastime — and made welcome gifts. Hung with ribbon, they were used to freshen closets or brighten holiday greenery.
  • Pressed Flower Bookmark - Use wildflowers of your own to brighten up your room, or your favorite book!
  • Sweater Mittens - You can make your own one-of-a-kind mittens.
  • Tree-Twig Ornaments - These little ornaments are easy to do, and make great holiday decorations or keepsakes!
  • Wind Chimes - Make a wind chime of your own to put outside your window!
  • Windowsill Victory Gardens - Victory Gardens was a patch of land where people grew food for their families, friends and neighbors in order to save supplies for the soldiers overseas during the war. You can make your own — right on your windowsill!