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The Very Super Bear Read an excerpt Available in French

The Very Super Bear

By Nick Bland   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443191777 Board book
Pages | 6.605" x 6.884" | Ages 0 to 3

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443182287 Hardcover
24 Pages | 9.696" x 10.134" | Ages 3 to 7

The Very Super Bear is back (in board book) . . . and he's here to save the Jingle Jangle Jungle!

In the Jingle Jangle Jungle, while Bear was chasing bees,

he came across the strangest thing

beneath the shady trees.

It was such a lovely colour and just the perfect shape.

“Today’s my lucky day!” said Bear.

“I’ve found myself . . .

. . . A CAPE.”

When Bear finds a cape in the Jingle Jangle Jungle, he soon finds there are lots of animals in need of his help. Can The Very Super Bear and his sidekick, Bruce the Goose, save the jungle from the cranky yellow monster?

From bestselling author and illustrator Nick Bland comes this exciting new adventure with an environmental twist.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for The Very Cranky Bear:

“[Nick Bland] has spun a delightful tale in verse and sprinkled it with alliteration that rolls off one's tongue as a read aloud. This adorable, vocabulary enriched story teaches young children the power of humility and consideration over pride and vanity.” — CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“Bland’s silly jungle tale, published in his native Australia in 2008, will have young listeners giggling, particularly once Bear’s all dolled up. Good, not-so-cranky fun.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Thoughtfulness and caring for others are the take-home messages in this simple, rhyming tale. This sweet story... shows what can happen when we truly “try a little tenderness.” — Booklist

Praise for The Very Itchy Bear:

“Visually engaging . . . a delight for children who are being read to.” — CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Praise for The Very Hungry Bear:

“… written in a pitch-perfect rhyme scheme that reads smoothly aloud, almost like a song. The plot is simple and easy to follow while the onomatopoeia and humour keep readers engaged. This is a story that begs to be re-read, and it is satisfying on each read through. It also opens up for a discussion about animal habitats, sharing, and putting another's needs before your own. For the older child, issues like global warming could also be introduced as Polar Bear's ice is melting at an alarming rate and he cannot live the same way as brown Bear.

The illustrations work in perfect harmony with the story. They are light, silly, cartoon drawings that demonstrate obvious emotion. They even tell a story of their own as Bear must leave a fish or two behind at every real estate viewing. This subtle addition encourages children to go back and study the colourful images in more detail. The Very Hungry Bear is a pleasure to read and is one book I can see myself pulling out for story times again and again.” — CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Praise for The Very Noisy Bear:

“The text is rhythmic and playful. The acrylic paintings of Bear and his friends are charming and colourful. Their facial expressions, especially Bear’s are a riot. The theme of finally finding a talent after several false tries is comforting for a child and in this case also hilarious!” — Resource Links