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The Meanwhile Adventures

The Meanwhile Adventures

By Roddy Doyle   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780439936392 Paperback
176 Pages | 5.22" x 7.65" | Ages 9 & Up

You remember Mr. Mack, the man from The Giggler Treatment? He has now become an inventor, and when he goes to the bank with his latest brainwave - a saw that looks just like a machine gun - he gets arrested. ItÂ’s up to Rover and little Kayla Mack to find KaylaÂ’s mom, Billie-Jean Fleetwood Mack, and set our hero free. But MEANWHILE, Billie-Jean is trying to set a record for circumnavigating the globe without telling anyone. MEANWHILE, Robbie and Jimmy Mack have begun tunneling under the jail to rescue their father. MEANWHILE, Mr. Mack may accidentally confess to a crime he didnÂ’t commit. And MEANWHILE, the slugs of Dublin have launched a struggle for world domination, and nothing, but nothing, will get in their way.

As funny as The Giggler Treatment, as snarky as Rover Saves Christmas, and as brilliant as only Roddy Doyle can be.