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Love Is a Four-Letter Word


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2012

Love Is a Four-Letter Word Canadian Title

By Vikki VanSickle   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443119306 Ebook
208 Pages | Ages 11 to 13

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443107877 Paperback
208 Pages | 5.02" x 7.75" | Ages 11 to 13

Where love and friendship are concerned, if you don't move forward, you'll get left behind.

Love: little word, big consequences. Clarissa has never given much thought to the word herself; she has other things to worry about. Her mother is still recovering from breast cancer, and until Clarissa hears that magical word "remission," she doesn't think she'll ever be able to relax.

As a distraction, she and best friend Benji try out for a community production of The Wizard of Oz. But sadly only he makes the cut, leaving her disappointed and best-friendless, and forced to spend her time with other people, like boy-crazy Mattie.

When Mattie becomes distracted by a new crush, and Clarissa's mother starts spending far too much time with her personal trainer, Clarissa wonders when she stopped being enough for all the people in her life. Enter Michael, who seems to be interested in more than just friendship. But is that what Clarissa wants?

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Words That Start With B:

"A well-crafted and enjoyable first effors from a writer who is obviously tuned into the minds and emotions of young teens." —Quill & Quire

"This debut novel from bookseller-by-day Vikki Van Sickle is a fresh and honest look at a girl's school year in that wonderful, horrible, confusing time known as Grade Seven." —Canadian Booksellers Association

"Feisty, forthright and so very true-to-life" —Canadian Children's Book Centre