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Boundless (Scholastic Focus)

By Chaunté Lowe   

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338741520 Hardcover
240 Pages | 5.802" x 8.554" | Ages 8 to 12

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338741537 Ebook
240 Pages | Ages 8 to 12

World champion high jumper Chaunte Lowe pens the captivating story of her journey from an impoverished childhood full of big dreams and devastating hurdles, to becoming a bronze medal-winning US Olympian.

Everything seemed set against Chaunte Lowe. Growing up with a single mother in Paso Robles, California, where she experienced food insecurity, homelessness, and domestic abuse, Chaunte couldn't imagine a future that offered a different sort of life. But then, one day, she turned on the TV and there was Flo Jo, competing in the Olympics and shattering records in track and field. Almost immediately, Chaunte knew what she wanted to do. She started running.

With the help of a small community of friends, family, and coaches, Chaunte worked as hard as she could - both in the classroom and out on the sports field - and through her own fierce determination and grit, she overcame every imaginable obstacle, eventually propelling herself to the place she always dreamed about: the Olympic medal podium.

Boundless is a story that will move anyone who's ever had a big dream, ever dared to hope for a better future, and ever believed that nothing was impossible. In her own words, Chaunte presents her remarkable and inspiring story of loss and survival, perseverance and hope.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Boundless:

"An inspiring read for aspiring athletes and other dreamers." — Kirkus Reviews

"Themes of individual drive, family, and teamwork appear throughout this galvanizing memoir, whose emotionally direct telling is rooted in determination and hope." — Publishers Weekly