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Warning! Drawing can be dangerous! And I don’t just mean running with pencils. Drawing, or doodling as it is known in its nobler form, can get you in a lot of trouble. Of course it can end up being a great thing to do, but in the beginning, watch out!

A kiss from a donkey, or even a hug from a tiger may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for doodlers like me, it seems to come with the work. It’s not that I enjoy being kissed by a donkey, as cute as they may be, or even go looking for tigers to hug, preferring rather to see them from a distance, but when you want to draw an animal, you sometimes have to get in close to the real thing.

I’ve had my adventures with my animal models. From borrowing a frog who turned out to be the most important frog at the university in my home town (and then losing him), or getting stuck in a field surrounded by two huge horses and one very big mule, or adventures with one crazy cat named Mouse who thinks he’s a dog, animals can be very interesting models.

Whatever animal you draw, or however you chose to draw it, just remember to keep it simple and don’t start with the details. With lots of patience, practise and a bit of silliness, you can do it too. Just don’t hug a tiger!

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