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The Return of Thelma the Unicorn

ISBN: 9781443175951 Pages: 28 Ages: 3-7 Dimensions: 9.726" x 10.117"
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About this book

A quiet life away from the glare of the public eye suited Thelma just fine until she realized how much her fans missed her. And when she exploded back into the world in a shower of glittery fabulousness:

The whole wide world was overjoyed!

Her fans all went berserk.

But this time Thelma had her friend and that's what made it work.

And with the support of her good friend Otis, this time Thelma really is ready to take on the world!

Aaron Blabey's sweet and funny follow-up to the bestselling Thelma the Unicorn will have young readers cheering for Thelma and Otis as they embrace who they are . . . even if they don't have sparkles.

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