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Dusty (Rescue Dogs #2)

Part of series: Rescue Dogs
Categories: Adventure, Fiction
Ebook  Paperback  
ISBN: 9781338362060 Pages: 304 Ages: 8-12 Dimensions: 5.272" x 7.571"

About this book

When Dusty, starving and sick, is picked up on the side of the highway after losing his pack, he's lucky to be alive. The tiny Chihuahua is small enough to fit in two hands and needs special care to be nursed back to health before he can be adopted out to a forever family.

Dusty recovers at the Sterling Center, where they train Search and Rescue dogs. Though the Sterlings don't think a dog as small as Dusty can do the tireless work of a SAR dog, an undeterred Dusty shows them that heart and determination matter most. Still, when a massive earthquake hits and lives are at risk, even Dusty has to wonder...does he have what it takes to get the job done?


Praise for Maiden Voyage:
* "Jane shines at atmospheric descriptions of the opulence of the ship and the people themselves while also managing to bring her powers of keen observation to the third-class passengers, many of whom were immigrant families full of hope . . . A compelling novel that stands both on its own merit and as an addition to the wealth of Titanic literature." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review
"Jane pulls off the unusual feat of being both suspenseful and informative, gracefully incorporating technical details about the boat into high-drama scenes." -- New York Times Book Review

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