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Bear Learns to Share (Scholastic Reader, Level 1)

ISBN: 9781338849301 Pages: 32 Ages: up to-3 Dimensions: 5.992" x 9.005"
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One ice cream cone. One bar. One timeless question: Will Bear learn to share?

Meet Bear. Bear has so much to give . . .but will she share? Find out in this surprising and memorable storybook all about friendship, compromise, and of course, sharing.Featuring a new easier-to-read title and brand new cover, Bear Learns to Share is a beginning reader adaptation of Hilary Leung’s Will Bear Share? board book! Little ones will love learning to read with Bear and his friends as they learn how to share!Adapted and shortened for the Level 1 early Reader format, Bear Learns to Share will keep little ones laughing, sharing . . . and reading!


Praise for Will Bear Share?:

* "A clear and winning guide to a key social grace; share and repeat as necessary." -- Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

"These. Are. So. Good. Earlier this year a fellow blogger that I trust explicitly emailed me to ask if I'd seen Leung's board book series. My family members are big fans of his book Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear, but I wasn't sure how well his sense of humor would translate to board books. Turns out, the guy's a natural and these are gold. If you want to buy some baby a series for the holiday season or their birthday, this would be the one I'd recommend." -Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal/A Fuze #8 Production

Praise for Will Ladybug Hug?:

* "Clear, endearing, and important." -- Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

Praise for Will Bear Share? and Will Sheep Sleep?:

"Both books feature a cast of endearing animal characters, rendered via basic shapes and bright colors, sure to attract the toddlers at which they're aimed. There's Sheep; Bear; Frog; Ladybug; Giraffe; and Crocodile. Much dry humor is conveyed through their facial expressions - in particular, their eyes - and the simplest of gestures. The books cover uncomplicated concepts (sharing and sleep) with short sentences in a bold font. As with any good character-driven board book, Leung develops memorable characters in a very tight space. One thing is for sure: Leung's joy in crafting these books is almost tangible." Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Will Sheep Sleep?:

"Leung handsomely colors the pages in woodgrainlike textures and in striking shades, including jade green and dusky rose. Readers will be pleased that when Sheep finally sleeps (after counting his friends dressed in wool), there's room for a bit more fun." -- Publishers Weekly

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