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Top 20 Daredevils: Countdown to Danger Read an excerpt

Top 20 Daredevils: Countdown to Danger

By Melvin Berger   Illustrated by Berat Pekmezci   By Gilda Berger   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9781338253375 Paperback
128 Pages | 7.04" x 9.05" | Ages 7 to 10

From swallowing a cup full of needles to tightrope-walking across the Grand Canyon, these top 20 daredevils have attempted some of the most dangerous stunts of all time!

Have you ever tried to skydive from thousands of feet in the air, or free climb a 20-story building with nothing but your bare hands? Well, these daredevils have! Read all the elaborate (and gory!) details of the most dangerous stunts of all time carried out by the 20 biggest risk takers to ever exist. Melvin and Gilda Berger deliver a thrilling introduction to each of these daredevils, including a short biography, breakdowns of that person's most death-defying stunts, jokes, and more. Readers will even learn the science behind some of these shocking feats! The countdown to number one includes legends like Harry Houdini and Bessie Coleman, as well as newer or lesser known daredevils, such as Jeb Corlis, Alain Robert, and Mabel Stark. Chockful of unbelievable facts, and a mix of action-packed comic-style illustrations and photographs, this book will keep any kid who loves cool stunts busy for hours!

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"Filled with accurate facts, humorous cartoon images, real photographs, and age-appropriate information, this book will fly off the shelves of both public and elementary school libraries... Verdict: A high quality and engaging easy reader." — School Library Journal