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The Swamp Thingy (The Lunch Club #6) Read an excerpt

The Swamp Thingy (The Lunch Club #6) Canadian Title

By Dom Pelletier   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443198899 Paperback
136 Pages | 6.021" x 8.999" | Ages 7 to 10

The Lunch Club are in for an unforgettable summer in the sixth volume of Dominique Pelletier's hilarious graphic novel series.

School’s out for the Lunch Club and the gang have very different ideas on how to spend their summer vacations. Mr. Peabody’s hitting the beach, Tia’s literally cleaning up the swamp and Leo has a can’t-miss, get-rich-quick plan.

Leo lands a big customer, the mysterious Madame Celeste, who gives him a horoscope that warns of a perilous plot. Could it be connected to the creature Tia discovers in the swamp? Sort of like a giant fish, but with one glowing eye and . . . feet? And what exactly does this swamp thingy have to do with mystic crystals, ancient texts and fuzzy slippers? All will be revealed in this hilarious, over-the-top new adventure!