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If you’ve ever felt negative about numbers, help is here! Let the Math Hacks books show you the way. Each book includes step-by-step instructions for the concepts that kids report having the most difficulty understanding. PLUS each is loaded with The Math Guru’s upbeat advice on mindset, motivation and getting organized, so you can feel good about math — and yourself.Bye bye stress and anxiety, hello new BFF.

NOTE: The recommended Grade 3-6 level is just a general guideline. Everyone can use these books – even grownups!

Math Hacks cover

Ages 7-12
152 Pages, Paperback
ISBN 9781443163163

Goodbye math anxiety, hello better grades! Are you frazzled by fractions? Mystified by multiplication? Is the thought of your next math test scarier than an evil clown? Exhale... Math Hacks can help!

Math Hacks offers help for:

Math Hacks 1 offers
Math Hacks 2 cover

Ages 7-12
152 Pages, Paperback
ISBN 9781443182843

Have angles got you anxious? Are you perplexed by perimeter? Trying to study...but can’t even? Never fear, Math Hacks 2 is here! It’s packed with all-new advice on reducing math anxiety, de-stressing, self-care and test preparation strategies.

Math Hacks 2 offers help for:

Math Hacks 2

There are a few things we didn’t have room for in the books,
but it’s stuff you will TOTALLY want to know.
Like, what is up with BEDMAS, a ratios reality check and more!

Discover your inner math superstar. Play Video!



Flash cards are the BEST for knowing your times tables like a boss. Pick a number and get started!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

1 × 1
1 × 2
1 × 3
1 × 4
1 × 5
1 × 6
1 × 7
1 × 8
1 × 9
1 × 10
1 × 11
1 × 12
Times table

First Round: Click on a card to see the answer.
Second Round: Try to recall the answer before you click on a card.


Quick tips to help you do your best!


Hey, Math Hackers . . . Here is our approved list of cool math tools!

And just so you know, for your security, the links below are not live links. You’ll need to copy and paste them into a new browser window or ask an adult caregiver to help.

Fave Websites

Fave Apps

The apps below require payment of a small fee, but you’ll find it’s totally worth it!


Vanessa Vakharia

A message just for YOU.

Vanessa Vakharia is the founder and director of The Math Guru, a super-cool math and science tutoring studio in Toronto.

She believes ANYONE can be rock-star good at math. She herself failed Grade 11 math twice — which was the best thing that ever happened to her — but went on to receive a Masters of Math Education.

Speaking of rock stars, Vanessa is also in a band where she plays the keytar and belts lead vocals. She also belts out her thought-provoking ideas to all kinds of audiences at educational conferences and events and is a sought-after expert for news and media interviews on topics such as breaking math stereotypes and online education.

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