The Royal Diaries

Crown Jewel of Aquitaine,
France, 1136

Written by Kristiana Gregory
ISBN 0-439-16484-2

Author of the best-selling Royal Diaries title, CLEOPATRA VII, Kristiana Gregory now takes readers to twelfth-century France and introduces Eleanor of Aquitaine, who becomes queen at age 15.

June 4th, 1136

Two weeks since we received the letter from King Louis the Fat. As the days grow hotter, I yearn more and more for my freedom. We asked the archbishop if we could please walk along the river where it is cool. This time we would go with extra chevaliers.

He shook his head sadly. "You are even more valuable, now that you are to be married to the prince of France. The stakes are too high. Your life could end up as ransom for any number of ruthless men." He took my hands in his. "Please do not ask me again, Eleanor."

I lowered my head in respect and vowed to myself that I would keep my sorrows quiet. I could see that it was difficult for our friend to refuse me.