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Grade 5

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Grade 5 Strategy Units

Each Strategy Unit includes:

  • Unit Teacher's Guide
  • Audio with fluent readings
  • 1 Read Aloud book
  • 1 or more Shared Reading texts


Grade 5 Complete Strategy Unit Pack

  • 8 units & display box

Grade 5 Guided Reading

Each Guided Reading Pack includes:
  • 6 copies of a Guided Reading Text & Teaching Plan

Complete Guided Reading Pack Grade 5

  • all 30 Guided Reading Packs

Guided Reading Library Pack

  • 1 copy each of 30 texts

Grade 5 Book Club Units

Each Book Club Unit contains:

  • Unit Teacher's Guide
  • Audio with fluent readings
  • 1 or more Read Aloud books
  • 2 Shared Reading texts
  • Multiple copies of 4 texts for supported independent reading:
    below level, approaching level, on level, and above level
  • Additional Website resources

Crimes, Clues, and Suspects (Genre)
Bully-Free Zone (Social Responsibility)
Have You Seen Art? (Arts)
All Systems Go! (Science)