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Wind Chimes

Make a wind chime of your own to put outside your window!


  • Any items you think will create a lovely sound (forks, sea shells, bells, beads)
  • Fishing line or nylon thread
  • Colourful plastic lid


  1. If the objects you collected are thin enough, poke a hole through them with a nail or hole punch. Then, pull a piece of thread through each hole and tie a knot.
  2. If the objects you chose are too heavy to poke hole through, just wrap your string around the object a few times and rub non-toxic glue over the string to hold it in place.
  3. Next, take your plastic lid, which will serve as the top of the wind chime and poke some holes through the top. Pull the string through the holes and tie a knot at each end.
  4. Punch 2 holes in the centre of the top and loop a piece of string through the holes. Tie another knot and hang your wind chime from a nail outside your window or from the branch of a tree!