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Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9780545805445
Ages 10 & Up

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Shrink & Link Jewelry

Take Shrink Art way beyond flat plastic!

With more than 2 million Shrink Art Jewelry and Shrinky Dinks books in print, we at Klutz are pretty much shrink plastic experts. But when it's as easy as tracing, cutting, and baking . . . you can become a shrink art expert too! Even if you're totally new to this whole shrink art thing, our step-by-step instructions will have your friends admiring your "did-you-really-make-that?!" jewelry in no time.

What's really exciting about this new book is that it's not just shrink art. Really, it's more like shrink-art-meets-charm-jewelry. And we know that charms are so hot right now (hello, Clay Charms!)

This is the only book out there that lets you make reusable, transferable, dimensional pendants and attach them to a ring or necklace. With Shrink & Link Jewelry, you can create brilliant shrink art charms from over 30 traceable designs - and then mix and match them for a limitless wardrobe of unique, colourful jewelry!

Comes with: 54 page book of instructions; 5 shrink sheets; 55 brads in 7 colours; bases for a necklace and ring; 7 s-hooks, sequins, shaping tool, and tons of traceable art.

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