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Klutz Jr

Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9781338271294
Ages 4 & Up

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My Simple Sewing

It’s sew simple to make your own food friends!

Little makers will start by practicing on 2 cardstock practice projects with our specially designed plastic needle safe for small hands. Then using the pre-cut and pre-punched felt, kids will create 3 cute projects—a pizza pouch, a cookie keychain, and a cupcake plushy. It’s the sweetest way to build fine motor skills and learn how to sew!

Comes With: 59 pre-cut and pre-punched felt pieces, 6 googly eyes, red pom-pom, plastic needle, sewing cards, 2 colours of yarn, 5 pink foam stoppers, key ring, 16g stuffing


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