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Little Rhino #4: The Talent Show

By Ryan Howard   and Krystle Howard   Illustrated by Erwin Madrid   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9781338052237 Paperback
112 Pages | 5.24" x 7.56" | Ages 7 to 10

A series from Major League Baseball’s 2006 National League MVP, Ryan Howard!

Rhino is surprised by how good Carlos’s singing voice is, since Carlos is shy and he rarely says anything. Cooper mentions the upcoming school talent show, and says Carlos should enter. He offers to accompany Carlos on drums. Rhino gets excited and says he could join them on guitar. Cooper is surprised and says he’s never seen or heard Rhino play the guitar. Rhino says his brother CJ has been teaching him. This is somewhat true — CJ has shown him some basic chords, but Rhino is definitely not an accomplished guitarist. They decide to sign up as a group for the show.

But Rhino’s in a fix. He’ll either have to confess that he’s not ready to perform, or he’ll have to learn very quickly. He sheepishly tells Grandpa James what happened, and they decide that he made a commitment and will need to stick with it. Can Rhino balance guitar lessons, baseball, and school?