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Come November

By Katrin Van Dam   and Katrin van Dam   

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338268430 Paperback
384 Pages | Ages 12 & Up

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9781338268423 Hardcover
384 Pages | Ages 12 & Up

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338268447 Ebook
384 Pages | Ages 12 & Up

This refreshingly original, contemporary YA debut centers on Rooney, a teen girl struggling to hold her family together in the face of her mother's delusions.

It's not the end of the world, but it's starting to feel that way. On November 17, the Next World Society is planning to leave Earth behind and reboot human civilization on a planet unaffected by climate change and pollution. It sounds crazy to Rooney Harris, but to her mother and younger brother it sounds like salvation. As her mother's obsession with Departure threatens to tear their family apart, Rooney is scrambling to hold it together. But will saving her family mean sacrificing her dreams — or theirs?