Scholastic Canada | KLUTZ!


Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9780545419048
Ages 8 & Up

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Capsters: Turn Bottle Caps Into Cool Collectibles

A fresh new makeover for the pop art original!

We figured it out: If you add up all the bottle caps we've shipped with this book through the years, it comes out to about four million. Four million! That equals a great big bunch of kid-created coolness in the world. And this book, we realized, has earned a makeover.

The big idea hasn't changed: You get fifteen bottle caps, a bottle of custom Klutz glaze, a bunch of super cute charms, googly eyes, jewels and other supplies plus more than 150 pieces of punch-out art. Just take a bottle cap, add any embellishments you want, then top it off with our shiny glaze. Voila, an original piece of art as cool as it is collectible.

Now we've given Capsters a brand new cover and revamped packaging, with a fresh look that calls attention to all the great stuff that you get. We redesigned the inside of the book, too. The result is punchy and contemporary but with the same awesome content and clear instructions that made Capsters a hit in the first place. Cheers to the next four million.

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