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Amazing Academy: Survival Read an excerpt

Amazing Academy: Survival

By Nick Page   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780545986540 Hardcover
64 Pages | 8.56" x 10.46" | Ages 0 & Up

Your life as an intrepid explorer starts here! After studying with the School of Survival and Exploration, children will be prepared to survive almost any tough situation — from having to put together their own basic survival kit to making their own outdoor shelters! The handbook that is included describes practical activities that are easy to plan out, and workbooks to test learning and understanding. Each exciting package includes the following Academy items: .... a manual .... a membership card .... an Amazing Academy campus map .... an identity tag .... A hands-on book with activities and tests .... Plus — exclusive access to a top secret website, where even more information on Amazing Academy subjects can be found!