Australian author James Phelan started writing his first novel while still in high school. He now divides his time between writing thriller stories for adults and teens. James’ books have reached international success.

"What started out as an idea for a thrilling series about a battle to control the dream world has developed into the most exciting series that I’ve created: The Last Thirteen. It has everything that a reader could hope for: all the thrills and spills of a thriller series, the pace and excitement of a suspense story, a group of characters we can all relate to, and a fast-paced, high-concept plot. All of that is set against a backdrop of a race against opposing forces and time to put together an ancient machine, the origins of which is steeped in reality—and hey presto, a new series is born. Oh, and did I mention that there are 13 books? So this world I’ve created with Scholastic isn’t just big—it’s huge!"

— James Phelan