Scholastic Canada: I Am Canada

Adventure. Duty. Danger. Fear. I Am Canada

  • Sniper Fire

    Sniper Fire

    By Jonathan Webb

    A young Canadian soldier’s account of the battle of Ortona, Italy!

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  • Behind Enemy Lines

    Behind Enemy Lines

    By Carol Matas

    A riveting story of a pivotal battle in the Seven Years' War that changed Canadian history forever.

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  • Blood and Iron

    Blood and Iron

    By Paul Yee

    The incredible sacrifices made by Chinese workers building the transcontinental railway are revealed in this powerful new novel.

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  • Brothers in Arms

    Brothers in Arms

    By Don Aker

    A riveting story of a pivotal battle in the Seven Years' War that changed Canadian history forever.

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  • Call to Battle

    A Call to Battle

    By Gillian Chan

    The War of 1812 comes to life through the eyes of a young Canadian boy.

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  • Deadly Voyage

    Deadly Voyage

    By Hugh Brewster

    Historical fact and fiction blend in this riveting novel set aboard the Titanic.

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  • Defend or Die

    Defend or Die

    By Gillian Chan

    A rarely told World War II story: that of the Canadian troops sent to defend Hong Kong from the invading Japanese.

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  • Fire in the Sky

    Fire in the Sky

    By David Ward

    Warfare in the sky makes for some of the fiercest battles of WWI, and after just weeks of training, Paul Townend is a pilot in the middle of it all.

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  • Graves of Ice

    Graves of Ice

    By John Wilson

    A dramatic Arctic adventure set during Sir John Franklin's doomed search for the Northwest Passage

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  • Prisoner of Dieppe

    Prisoner of Dieppe

    By Hugh Brewster

    A young soldier's gritty account of "the bloodiest nine hours in Canadian military history"—the tragic Dieppe raid of WWII.

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  • Shot at Dawn

    Shot at Dawn

    By John Wilson

    Sentenced to death for abandoning his unit, a soldier recounts the harrowing events leading up to his arrest.

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  • Sink and Destroy

    Sink and Destroy

    By Edward Kay

    If the Allies cannot send the German U-boats to the bottom of the Atlantic, all hope of winning WWII will be lost.

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  • Storm the Fortress

    Storm the Fortress

    By Maxine Trottier

    A young sailor is caught up in the naval siege of Quebec leading up to the battle on the Plains of Abraham.

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