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It's Happy Bunny: Love Bites Read an excerpt

It's Happy Bunny: Love Bites: Special Edition

By Jim Benton   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545425414 Hardcover
72 Pages | 5.07" x 6.8" | Ages 12 & Up

Love. It's just like hate, but somebody gets candy.

So, you've made the mistake of falling in love. Let Happy Bunny be your guide as you wade through the whole stupid love thing — from crush to crash, from hook-up to break-up, from going out to going insane. Happy Bunny knows how you feel. It just doesnt care.

Bonus Fun: A fresh cover look, quizzes, fun and games, the Love Maze, notes on crushes who've sucked, a fill-in-the-blank break-up letter

Remember, true love lasts forever... or until something better comes along.