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Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9780545492805
Ages 8 & Up

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It's All About Us (...Especially Me!): A Journal of Totally Personal Questions For You & Your Friends

A write-right-in-it book to share with your friends.

A Canadian Toy Testing Council 3-Star Award winner!

A while back, we published a little book called It's All About Me, a collection of personality quizzes for kids. Clearly we hit a sweet spot because today, half a million copies later, that book is still going strong. And now it's getting a new best friend.

It's All About Us is a journal of super-nosey surveys for kids to fill out right in the book. Subjects range from food to fashion to friendship to the very tween "total randomosity." More than 300 different questions reveal everything you never thought to ask yourself, let alone anyone else.

Since everything is better when you share, each survey is repeated three times, in three different colourways. Once you've taken a survey, turn the page and pass the journal and its matching pen to a friend. Or a relative. Or a brand-new acquaintance. Basically, anyone willing to share just a little too much information. Then compare results. The beauty of it is, even if the answers are different, everyone will still be right. Especially you.

Previously published as What About You?

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