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Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338239492 Paperback
304 Pages | 5.042" x 7.847" | Ages 12 & Up

Scholastic Inc. | ISBN 9781338239508 Ebook
304 Pages | Ages 12 & Up

From acclaimed author Donna Cooner comes this gripping and timely story about identity, revenge, and the lies — and truths — we tell online.

Maisie Fernandez is fed up. Fed up with the bullies who taunt her about her size and her looks. Fed up with being the butt of everyone's jokes. So, one night, Maisie goes online and creates a fake profile. "Sienna" is beautiful, skinny, and confident — and soon she's messaging the most popular kids in Maisie's school. Maisie doesn't care about being friends with them. She wants to use Sienna to take them down.But as Maisie's web of deception grows, she's in danger of being exposed. And what will happen when the actual Sienna — the girl whose photos Maisie has been using — shows up in real life?

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Praise for Screenshot:

"Told in alternating viewpoints, the novel raises numerous real issues in the lives of teenagers — popularity, dating and body image, family issues, socio-economic differences and their resulting tensions, personal aspirations, trust, and maintaining one's online reputation. A timely and relevant read." — Kirkus Reviews

"The plot moves along at a compulsively readable pace. . . . the lessons about phone use, and how Internet exposure and privacy affects one's sense of self-worth, are significant and important. Of equal value are the complex relationships in Skye's life. . . . More than just a quick read, this suspenseful contemporary title will be popular with teens." — School Library Journal