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A Promising Life: A Novel of Coming of Age with America: The Life of Sacagawea's Son

By Emily Arnold-McCully   and Emily Arnold McCully   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780439314459 Hardcover
304 Pages | 5.8" x 8.55" | Ages 12 & Up

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9781338043884 Ebook
304 Pages | Ages 12 & Up

Stories about greed, love, trust and what matters most when your world falls apart.

For as long as he can remember, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau has been told that a promising future lies ahead of him. After all, his mother is the great Sacagawea, who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition of discovery. And thanks to his mother, Baptiste's life changes forever when Captain Clark offers him an education in the bustling new city of St. Louis.

There, his mother charges him to learn everything — reading, writing, languages, mathematics. His life becomes a whirl of new experiences: lessons, duels, dances, elections. He makes friends and undertakes unexpected journeys to far-off places.

But he also witnesses the injustices Clark, as a US agent for Indian Affairs, forces upon the Osage, the Arikara, the Mandan, and so many others. He sees the effect of what some call progress on the land and on the people who have lived there for generations. And he must choose what path he will take and what place he will have in a rapidly changing society.